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"I genuinely can't put into words how amazed I am by what you managed to capture. For a writer and communications consultant I am struggling to put into words what you 'caught' with a click of your camera" Nicole Johnston - Writer

"Brilliant photos of a great day. Really well captured. It's been a pleasure to work with you" Nicole Thorpe, German Tourist Board

"You're so shutting good at doing weddings!" Clare and Johnny Biggins

"You did a great job for us. Thanks you so much" Sara Perkins, Apps for Good

"Your pics from the event were perfect" Daniel Bruce, CEO, Internews

"Fantastic photos Marcus. I love them" Phillipa Hicks, LST

"The photos are brilliant. Thank you so much for doing such a great job!"  Will Barnes, The Crowd

"What a wonderful record they are of a very happy occasion. You have really captured it and the informal photos are particularly enjoyable" David Philip, Master, Worshipful Company of Scriveners

"The photos are brilliant!!"  Rushanara Ali MP

"The pictures came out very well indeed" Lord Wei of Shoreditch

"The most stress free photo shoot I have ever experienced" Jackee Holder - Coach

"I like your version of the truth"  Debra Charles, CEO - Novacroft

"If you need a photographer in London then JamPond is brilliant!" Gulwali Passerlay - Author, Activist

"Probably the most flattering shot of me anyone has taken" Thomas Frere - Actor


"There are some real gems in there - it's like seeing a conversation in silence!" Sally Lines, CEO - The Grange Centre

"Thanks so much, the pictures are great" Richard Harrington MP

"These are wonderful photographs! Wow!" Leo Johnson -  Author, Broadcaster

"It was the most humane, intelligent photo session I have experienced. I felt seen and heard"  Catherine Shovlin - Activist

"The photos are simply great. Many, many, thanks" Clifford Ferguson - Chairman, Glad's House

"The images are great and we are sending them out to MPs as we speak" Elli Schuetz - Jo's Cervical Cancer Charity

"The microsite is tremendous! Many thanks for taking all of these superb photos and for sharing with us".  Karis Stander - CEO. Investment 2020

"Bit discombobulating to have my facial expressions so well reflected by skilful JamPond, who is a fab event photographer"  Natasha Roe - RedPencil

"You've captured some incredible photos. Thank you!" Ben Tiplady - Community Sponsors Homes

Independent Newspaper Sally Bunkham portrait
HSF Alumni Matters magazine cover portrait
Leo Johnson, Radio 4 iPlayer portrait
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